Transactional Expertise For Business Owners


Molliter Advisory, LLC works with companies that need discreet advice to price a business enterprise they wish to buy or sell. We serve clients across the country with ties or interest in the Kansas City region.

We usually implement a plan to acquire or divest the asset through direct personal contacts, and complete our service with skilled negotiation, structuring, and due diligence.

We will be sitting beside you every step of the way:

What We Do

For Asset Acquisitions or Dispositions we:

  • Identify Candidates
  • Analyse Financial Condition
  • Determine Enterprise Value
  • Package and Present Materials
  • Structure Transactions
  • Negotiate
  • Prepare Due Dilligence
For Development Projects we:

  • Vet Project Assumptions
  • Compose Project Objectives
  • Support Debt and Equity Searches
  • Perform Project Management